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Since the launch of the React Native framework, this world-class multi-platform framework has been ruling the technology of app development. From companies like Tesla, Uber, Instagram, and even Facebook are using the latest norms of React Native to work on their performance and easy maintenance. Facebook has been re-architecting the challenges in the react native to continue with the bright future in app development.


There has been a massive development in the advancement of technology and many of the mobile app users are looking for apps that are flawless and have a seamless performance and navigation and the aesthetical appeal. There has also been demand for a faster, better performing ad innovative apps that can meet any criteria.

By adopting the latest trend of high performance and time consuming, the cross-platform app by React Native is providing faster development and also enable the compromise the quality that is rapidly transforming the world of mobile.


Let’s look at how this impressive Library is upping the ante for mobile apps:

  • Multi-Platform coverage
  • Reusable components
  • Allowing Render natively
  • Easy to Learn
  • Shorter development cycle
  • A better environment for development

Maintained by the high profile team of Facebook and Instagram developers, the latest version of React Native is able to track the completion and also performs well on the platforms that are targeted accordingly.


Let’s now also talk about the reasons as to why the React Native is the future of Mobile app development.

  • Cross-performance compatibility

Facebook initially launched and developed the React Native for the iOS, but as the mobile users were swiftly shifting to the Android, Facebook started to provide support for Android platforms also. Moreover, the native codes are conveniently embedded on multi-platforms, thus reduces the development cost considerably. React also provides the developers the modules with specific extensions and detect the operating systems for implementing on the specific platforms.

  • The Functionality

The developers find it easy to function the apps built from React native as it is usable to acceleration scrolling, the behavior of the keyboard and animations are playing a defining role in the popularity of the app and thus the developers cannot ignore the react native while developing. The React Native allows the Java scripts that allow the apps to run smoothly and also provide a competitive solution for the robust apps.

  • Live Updates

One of the instant features of the React Native is that it allows the developers the feasibility to push the updates directly on the mobile user’s cell phones instead of applying through the app store. This instant updating allows the users to enjoy the updated versions immediately making the app performance simple and streamlined.

  • Simple to Learn and Earn

The coding language of React Native is highly readable and easy to learn since the developers are mostly relying on the language fundament as this tool is perfect for developers.

  • Facebook support

When the developers are starting to develop an app using the new code framework, they are very much concern about the viability and the supporting capability on the app platform, but as React Native is powered by Facebook, it has a sizeable community and is continuously improving the framework for a promise of better technology.


About the writer: Darren Anderson has been the leading mobile app developer in the USA and has been providing instant help to many companies regarding the upgrading of their apps. He has also been marketing for many react native templates for sale which can be adjusted to any mode and bridge according to the taste of the buyer.

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